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Future DJ Pro offers a wide variety of the latest professional DJs to meet professional and DJ needs. Future.dj pro is available for all types of DJs, from bedroom DJs looking to create their own mixes and mixes. From the comforts of home to mobile DJs and direct working clubs / DJs to groups and other art representatives, its flexible and high-quality features will limit your creativity without exceeding your imagination. Virtual DJ Studio is now fully loaded.

Features of Future DJ Pro Full:

  • Graphical waveform display enables real-time tracking of audio signals, audio signal information and senses.Each wheel has 3 waves, vertical lines placed side by side to indicate the size of the Internet.
  • Mix random video or karaoke songs and play them with simple functions. With a wide range of advanced audio and video systems, an intuitive software design, and flexible features, you can be a perfect match. You can sit back and wait for all Automix holidays, starting with the power of Automix.
  • You will find that auto BPM detection is very accurate, so you can instantly synchronize tracking. Smart Sync ensures that when you click the Sync button, a category will be the same as any other category.
  • You can set up to 8 different audio inputs and outputs. You can use a microphone or disc player and CD player to watch / listen to tapes in advance. Adjust lift and balance or adjust the volume of each wheel. You will see a strong signal if you look at the sound level meter.
  • You can directly create the following lines, specifying the insertion point and insertion point. Record and record the recommended lap. Attach the loop to one of the 8 test sites, the steering wheel also includes other tires, such as tires made from slippery and slippery materials.
  • Edit and set different sounds and filters (Cutoff, Flanger, Echo, Beat Waw, Reverb, Bit Crusher, Autopan, Robot Delay, Tremolo, LP and HP filter). This will help you test your series and take it to the next level.
  • View video clips from the watch, title or external TV. Apply and switch to video effects. You can watch a video package or a large group of videos.
  • Create real scrolling effects such as sound, draw, spin, play, pause, humidity, angle adjustment and “raise and play” effect. To do this you can use a computer (scooter) or Record player (You can upgrade your vinyl engine with the time code.) The mouse can also be used if you want to use a virtual or sweaty scooter.
  • Current name and city name browser can be searched, installed and used. You can instantly detect, inspect and identify parts, filter by color (audio, video, karaoke), color by color, most audio formats are supported for audio, video and karaoke playback.
  • To create the perfect music combination, you can turn off (key) or switch the key if you don’t want to just finish the rhythm of the game. The program also records the key of the song / video for easy mixing.
  • A sample of 8 games that can be played with loops or bells. You can view, select or sync loops, apply filters and edit their content.
Dj Pro 2


  • Stunning sets with 2 or 4 on-board DJs, mixes and videos.
  • Multiple types of users (pages) with 2/4 thick text.
  • Full blending manually or automatically (one click).
  • Save the device as an MP3, WAV or AIFF file.
  • • Ingredients Delivery (powered by Icecast)
  • Pulse Stand Mix (millions of options to choose from)


  • Take off your headphones and listen to the music in advance.
  • Expansion system (output to input)
  • EQ + single-channel band output (including microphone)
  • Automatically mix with in / out queue contents.
  • Analog input for micro player / player / CD
  • Stimulates strong endogenous compounds.
  • Less ASIO / CoreAudio / WASAPI support
  • A strong bank of 8 players (eg) who

Video & Karaoke

  • Download video (Includes audio, pause, resume, digging videos)
  • Noise and video timing
  • Full SD and HD support (for 720p and 1080p / 1080i).
  • Check the transport bells
  • CDG songs support (cdg + mp3, zip)
  • Karaoke “Second Song”
  • Shoot video in MP4 / MPG (beta) format.

External controllers, MIDI, Timecodes

  • Initially, more than 80 teams were supported (Central Group): Akai, Akiyama, American Voice, Bims, Beringer, Beyond the Songs, Denon, Federogia, Gemini, Hercules, M-Sound, Novacia, Numark, PCDJ, Rove, Pioneer, Stanton. , Vestax, Somo
  • Summer time (name + type comparison) on vinyl CD
  • Connect to 8 Midi / HID devices at the same time.
  • Features for MIDI and HID control.
  • MIDI tutorial – with buttons / functions and activation options.


  • Automatically check BPM (one link) and add functionality.
  • • Quick shutdown of AutoCue data and phone lines.
  • Auto key details (suitable for mixed uniforms)
  • Experiment with varnish and brushing, noise, scratches, scratches.
  • Soft sound / mixed sound.
  • Hint + loop markers + start points mix and match
  • • Learn about automated support.
  • Meeting / Previous / Next line (click)
  • • Put all songs in RAM for quick access.
  • KeyLock (MasterTempo) and funny sound on / off functions.


  • Clean cuts for high and low bandwidths
  • Built-in BPM sequence effects: Flanger, Echo, Phaser, Reverb, BeatWaw, Pan, Tremolo and more.
  • XY noise protection
  • VST and third-party audio (AU) units are supported.

Media Library

  • Search engine record, search disk, archive. Can contain up to 1 million lines
  • Titles can be displayed in two formats: standard (and movie) or visual (page).
  • Hard mix (millions of options to choose from) Integrated iTunes browser.
  • Advanced testing
  • Listen to audio / video / karaoke
  • Album details
  • Color labels to select part of the list.
  • Scan / import files / backup files
  • Support for Win / Mac (Smart CD Detect / Install)
  • Audio files support: mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, flac, au, wma.
  • Supported video files: m4v, mpg, avi, flv, mp4, mov, mkv, wmv.
  • Support for karaoke files: cdg + mp3, wav + cdg, cdg zip.

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