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Xara Designer Pro Plus for images, web design, graphic processing, descriptions and DTP, the Xara Designer Pro X package is right for your model.Xara Designer Pro X brings together graphics and web design, graphics, video and screen printing in one place.

Features of Xara Designer Pro Plus Full:

Drawings and Models
Create the visuals and graphics the way you want them, and give them a unique note with a wide variety of editing tools.

Vector image
With powerful drawing tools, you can use vectors to draw lines, shapes, curves and scale without sacrificing quality. Take a look at the pictures below to make smaller chunks, which is ideal if you need different file sizes for different applications!

Effects are Enormous.
Create realistic effects such as transparency, outlines, and gradients to show off your photos and images for custom annotations.

Brushing skills
Draw with a paintbrush, find a wide selection of cartoons, then draw the original lines and transform all your drawings and artworks.

Can be used for photos
Start with a photo and customize your own style in photographs and drawings.

Intellectual pattern
He has over 900 years of experience with SmartShapes, including new and improved languages.


The photo is Ready.
Photo Organizer Select multiple grid to select photos.

Drawings and Diagrams
Images and pictures, links to beautiful photos and collages.

Build a website
Creating a website has never been so easy. Choose the theme you like, use images and descriptions. That’s it!

Slider for panoramic images
Use the full width of the page for photography. You can view your photos and turn the pages in real time. Inflate the flame if necessary using the bell button or personal cup.

Around the parallax
Add Power and Depth to Your Site: Between Content and Content and Animation When Navigating and Delivering User Experience.

Movement does not affect sticky objects. But can still be seen in the same place Especially if you need a training report.

The company is involved
Use effects to blur effects when page ingredients are visible in the browser. It makes page movement and has a variety.

Simple advanced video Editing
Adjust the brightness, contrast, color and texture of your images or use the appropriate options. For more accurate measurements, adjust the angle of the image or request a free test.

Cancel the competition
Create masks for easy removal of background material. Close articles, remove backgrounds and delete them with just one click.

Prisni Objeten
Crop or crop a portion of a picture Select the model with the mouse and a magnetic rope will create a path.

Beautiful photo Night
Use this photo editing tool and this tool can be easily tweaked to easily refine the area of ​​the image.

Excellent water filter
Filters for sex pictures More and more pictures are being taken, choose from 140 filters in online tutorials ** and apply them to your files with just one click.

Create a collage Select the model you want in the interactive guide ** and drag photos to locations.

In the open or Dark
Correct the rest of the image by editing. You can mix or decorate any part of your image with the latest fashion and color tools.

Adjust the horizon horizontally
In Xara Design Pro X, you can use the Straight Horizon slider to adjust the position of the image.

A wide variety of publications and online publications
Xara Designer Pro X provides all the tools you need to create and publish complex documents. The program offers content curation files directly on different pages in different formats. Fast Results: The online catalog ** offers tons of 100% editable templates and uses over 1 million images and graphics for your posts.

CMYK support
Leave good colors at the bottom of the printout. CMYK support (amber, amber, and most importantly) gives you as much space as you need for professional paper, graphics, and text.

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