Notepad ++ Portable is free to download from our software. It is a handy code editor designed to support a variety of programming languages. Notepad ++ is designed to replace the free version of Notepad.

This project is based on the Scintilla Editor component (a very powerful editor) and written in C ++ using the “win32 api” (for example, without MFC, so service performance is improved ).

Portable Notebook ++ Function:

Highlight syntax folding syntax:
Supported languages: C, C ++, Java, C #, XML, HTML, PHP, Javascript, RC files, Makefile, ASCII shared images (extension .nfo, oxygen, file, file recovery, asp files, VB / VBS, SQL, Objective-C, CSS, Pascal, Perl, Python and Lua.

If you have a color printer, enter a color code (or something else).

Default configurator:
In languages ​​supported in all formats, the user can change background color / background color, color, font size, and font size (color or italics) using the Style Configur field.

To specify the syntax for custom lighting:
This allows users to translate their words: not only the syntax in which the text is written, but also the text containing the words, the words used in the comments, and the authors.

You can edit multiple files at once.

Take a closer look:
You have two pictures at the same time. This means you can view (edit) two different documents at the same time. In both views, you can view (edit) documents in two different posts. The file displayed changes in several formats (for example, you edit one document in clone mode).


General instructions:
You can search for line and shape using the usual instructions.

Full support for the train:
You can drag and drop the form to open it. You can drag (or view) text from one place to another

Dynamic job offers:
User can adjust the handle (only in two image modes: perforation can be mounted horizontally or vertically).

Automatic registration of event information:
If you modify or delete open files in Notepad Portable, you will be prompted to modify (download or delete) the file.

Zoom in and out:
This is another great feature of the Scintilla component.

Multilingual support:
They support Windows markets in China, Japan and Korea.

To activate a bookmark, press the bookmark border (right of the field) or press Ctrl + F2. To open a bookmark, press F2 (add another bookmark) or Shift + F2 (previous bookmark). To delete a bookmark, click “Search” -> “Delete all bookmarks”.

Lighting and other support:
If the guard is next to one of the characters {{[] (), then follow the instructions to add the character next to the character and the character in front of it (if there is one), find it and make it easy to do.

you can also free download:

Download Notepad++ For Windows PC:

Zippyshare | Direct-link

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