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NextUp Speaker is a special program used to communicate with those who are temporarily or permanently missing. With speech, human voice and voice recognition for easy access to messages and expressions, NextUp Talker makes it easy to communicate with others even without voice. You can use the Windows operating system Whether it’s caused by ALS, cancer, stroke, liver disease, or any other condition that results in speech loss, NextUp speech therapists can help you eliminate the important things in your life. When dealing with others.

Features of NextUp Talker Tool Full:

  • Extensive speaker capabilities of NextUp
  • Specially designed for use in interviews.
  • Lots of great dialogue with the latest performers in great soundtracks.
  • Easy to use with mouse or keyboard.
  • The call process is slow due to typing in the specific language and the user generating short messages.
  • You can customize your style and tempo with the ability to pronounce words, phrases, phrases or as needed.
  • Play audio files with speech. Which makes it easier for children to communicate with adults through computers There are also sounds for babies.
  • You can use the NextUp Speaker to create poorly labeled sets. Contains many menus For example, there is a list of words you often use on your mobile phone. Messages can contain expressions. “Welcome”
  • ‘Hello. Here is John. I use my computer to talk to you, so be patient when writing the answer. If you don’t understand the sound or want to do anything else, please let us know.
  • So when you receive a call, you can access the chat message and leave it speechless. Expressions can have limitations, in which case you will have to change the sentences. For example, you have the word “fine” in the text.
  • Hello name% How are you feeling today?
  • If you select this expression, the next pro will ask you what %%% means and they will say it. “How are you?” To enter text, Nextup Talker will appear in the window asking for its name. Enter “Betty” and the Nextup Talker will say “Hey Betty, what are you?”.

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