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Net Monitor For Employees Most often, absent-minded group individuals constantly spend a whole lot of running hours in looking useless content material at the Internet, or the usage of enterprise sources for non-public use, or definitely spend a whole lot time surfing the webpages and social apps, or maybe gambling net or PC games. With assist of  agencies may be capable of screen and file nearly 100% of worker sports.

If you’re a enterprise leader, teacher, enterprise president or challenge leader, this effective PC pastime monitoring utility can do you a massive favor.

Net Monitor For Employees is largely a faraway tracking & controlling software program (divided into console and agent), however it’s far particularly used for tracking worker sports. It lets in the boss to view/screen and file the entirety that takes place on a faraway laptop display screen in actual time.

This way, the boss can have a look at what his personnel are doing in the course of their running hours. Even whilst you aren’t tracking them, you could additionally file the worker PC’s display screen as video so you can take a look at the worker’s sports later. In addition, customers can make use of this software to manipulate the mouse and keyboard of a faraway laptop to assist personnel remedy their problems.

Net Monitor for Employees is a excellent personnel’ laptop tracking software program mainly made for organisation managers. With its assist, managers can screen all personnel’ laptop monitors in actual time every time and anywhere.

As a result, you could discover and prevent any unauthorized or prohibited PC use from worker end (including blockading web sites or preventing jogging applications). And it could additionally assist instructors screen all students’ computer systems at he identical time. Of course, greater the usage of instances are relying on the way you make use of it.


Key Features:

ACTIVITY MONITORINGSee live picture of employee screens
RESTRICT APPLICATIONSBlock or allow applications on your list
COMPUTER SCREEN RECORDERRecord Employee activity
TOOLS & RESTRICTIONSExecute or restrict actions that PC users can do
SHARE DESKTOPShare your or team member desktop with others
BLOCK INTERNETBlock or allow web sites on your list
MESSAGINGSend messages or request answers
REMOTE DESKTOP CONTROLHave a full control of employee PC’s mouse and keyboard

Official Demo Video:

Installation Notes:

for v5.6.xx on Windows:

  1. Download and install Net Monitor for Employees Pro Console
  2. Copy the unlocked files to the following path and overwrite:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Net Monitor for Employees Pro\bin\
  3. Done
you can also free download:

Download Net Monitor [2021] Full For PC

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