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mp3Tag pro Free Download from our software library for free of charge . Music files can contain many useful information that helps organize and identify them: artist, title, album, year, comments, track number, lyrics, album art, and so on. Such information is stored inside music files themselves and thus can’t be lost when files are moved or protected , which is extremely convenient.

Furthermore, the knowledge is employed by software and hardware players to arrange music collection, to look for a selected song etc. It also looks nice if a transportable player shows cover art, lyrics and other related information when playing the song.

mp3Tag Pro was developed to be a strong application which allows users to edit and modify their audio files tags. It can download missing tags from the web , extract tags from parts of filenames and folder names, import tags from a document , export tags and playlists, and so on. it’s also good at renaming music files and organizing them into newly created folders.

One of the foremost popular music genre formats is MP3. There are two main versions of MP3 tags: ID3v1 and ID3v2. mp3Tag Pro can easily manage both versions, copy information from one to the opposite , batch-process MP3 tags, download MP3 tags from the web , create MP3 playlists. On the opposite hand, it’s also a strong MP3 renamer. The program can take any field from MP3 tag and use it to create new filenames. Fields of MP3 tags are often utilized in any succession to rename MP3 files and to make new folders.

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In just an equivalent way, parts of filenames and folder names are often wont to fill out empty or incorrect fields of MP3 tags. for instance , imagine that you simply have a bunch of MP3 files with almost correct information within the fields. However, track number is absent. At an equivalent time, filenames contain track numbers, therefore the only question is the way to copy this information to the corresponding tag field.

Features of mp3Tag Pro Full:

  • View and edit ID3 tags.
  • ID3v1, ID3v2, Lyrics3 are supported in MP3 files.
  • Extract parts of filenames and folder names to ID3 tags.
  • Download ID3 tags from Amazon.
  • Download ID3 tags from FreeDB.
  • Import tags from a CSV file.
  • Export tags to MS Excel, CSV, TSV.
  • Auto-fill track number for a group of audio files.
  • Process multiple files and folders at once.
  • Rename audio files using information from ID3 tags.
  • Create a folder hierarchy and sort your music collection.
  • Download lyrics.
  • Save lyrics inside music files or as separate files.
  • Download album art.
  • Save album art inside music files or as separate files.
  • Unicode support for filenames and tags.
  • Remove unused tags.
  • Built-in player. Support for external players.
  • Create playlists for media players.
  • View technical details about audio files.
  • Drag&Drop support.
  • Multilingual interface.
  • Fully customizable workspace.
  • Areas can be rearranged, unnecessary ones can be closed.
  • Various options to enhance user experience.
  • Windows Vista support

Download mp3Tag Pro Full For PC:

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