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MAGIX Video Pro X12 for free from our library. This is the only image editing program that everyone has access to video editing. Sophisticated tools and workflows make Video Pro X easier to use than other professional video editors. The new camera is perfect on a computer, but offers a larger 4K Ultra HD resolution.

Video Pro Edition X12:

  • 8K Ultra HD support and HDR color space management
  • No! INFUSION ENGINE 2 is a versatile version of Ultra HD projects
  • No! Real-time image stabilization using Mercalli ProDAD Suite V5
  • Professional equipment with three- and four-step settings
  • More than 1,500 models and techniques like the Chrome key
  • Speech delay is sufficient, including volume control
  • Improved color control and tracking
  • Multiroom, up to 9 rooms with different options

Full Features of MAGIX Video Pro X12:

Build the video industry:
It doesn’t matter how many film projects you have, you can get it done quickly. The use of functional and innovative features such as flexible multi-object management is very nice. You can access 3- or 4-point editing, multi-camera editing, or one-click tools like Split and Trim. Mix audio and audio play along with real-time audio realization.

The truth is logical:
Match the color combination curve or use the quick template tables to find the right color scheme with the details you need. The Mercalli V5 ProDAD Suite now features a timely and high level of constant risk and dirty injections.

High quality 8K Ultra HD Graphics:
Video Pro X has always been technologically proven and exceeds industry standards. It offers up to UltraK 8K resolution, HDR and real-time color video, and provides great performance. Powerful web technologies make video editing beautiful despite its versatility.


New in this version:

INFUSION 2 Poshnali:
Exclusive Video Pro X: Video resolution up to 8K * Includes real-time AVC and HEVC processing with high end graphics support from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA.

HiDPI Editing interface:
In particular, the Video Pro X: high resolution interface guarantees good comparison and readability even on 4K screens. The new generation design is modern, faster and more functional.

Live video
Especially Video Pro X: immediate shock and long no-hit return time. Real-time image stabilization using Mercalli V5 ProDAD Suite allows this.

you can also download:

Download MAGIX Video Pro X12 Full For PC

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