MAGIX Vegas Pro:


MAGIX Vegas Pro 18 is the latest offline editing system designed for general control. New features include device setup, audio streaming, and iPad Pro Connect Vegas Pro mobile app. Vegas Pro comes with DVD Professional Pro 6, Dolby® Digital Professional Encoder and is compatible with FXHOME, NewFXX and iZotope®.

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VEGAS Pro 18 Highlights:

  • Leading industry
  • AI tools
  • Choice of different colors
  • Built-in HDR support
  • Effective plugin management
  • Powerful audio editing and handling with Audio Forge Pro 14
  • Video playback tools
  • Restriction consistently
  • MAGIX Vegas Pro 18 Full Features
  • The fastest way to hit a video
  • Defend the war, start building! It contains the most flexible and fastest media in the market. VEGAS Pro meets all your needs, so you can focus on products and design ideas instead of using

Features of MAGIX Vegas Pro 18 Full

AI – Intelligence
Increase AI support to get the job done. For example, you can customize models with popular artists such as Picasso and Van Gog with tools such as VEGAS Style Transfer.

Upgrade your Device’s GPU
Use GPU configuration power to speed up and enjoy faster and faster replacement and simplified version. VEGAS Pro 18 automatically verifies maximum GPU usage if possible.

Learn more About HDR Distortions
VEGAS Pro color matching is getting older and more flexible. You can also fine-tune your HDR using the VectorScope Advanced Color Correction and Camera Startup Tool in the Color Panel.

News Management with VEGAS plan
Create a personal record of all media files and use them directly from VEGAS Pro. VEGAS Plan Security Communications Provides and improves VEGAS Pro.

Download MAGIX Vegas 18 Pro Full For PC

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