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LINQPad (2018) 5.31.0 Premium is similar to SQL Server Management Studio, but is devoted exclusively to LINQ queries, because it allows you to interact directly with the database. It allows you to query databases interactively using a modern query language.

Even though the application is much simpler and more focused on LINQ expressions, the workings are similar to Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Features of LINQPad :

  • NET Framework and assembly references.
  • Edit SQL data in grids and save changes to the database.
  • SQL, lambda, and IL translation automatically.
  • LINQ queries for C#, VB, and F# expressions.
  • Autocompletion with list filtering.
  • Rich text or data grid output.
  • Code formatting automatically.
  • Custom code snippets.
  • Support for C# 6 and VB14.
  • Custom visualizers, extensions, and source code.
  • Visualization of Roslyn syntax trees.
  • An integrated debugger with breakpoints and single-stepping.
  • Code-outlining and auto-formatting.
  • SQL Server cross-database querying. .
  • NET Framework 4.7 support.
  • VB auto-completion.
  • Import namespaces and references with smart tags.
  • Code-checking in the background.

LINQPad Premium comes with essential tools for writing and tuning Entity Framework queries, including interactively executing LINQPad queries with auto-completion, a new ability to switch between entity framework and LINQPad to SQL data contexts, and full SQL translation for each entity framework query.

The LINQPad 5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is used to manipulate LINQ & Lambda Expressions. It’s not only for Language Integrated Query (LINQ) queries, but you can also manipulate any C#/F#/VB expression. LINQPad 5 offers a debugger, output formatting, instant feedback, auto-completion, and dynamic development.


How to Crack, Activate Or Register LINQPad for free ?

  • Turn off the internet connection “RECOMMENDED”
  • Extract “files” using WinRar and do not run LINQPAD yet (Close / exit LINQPAD if it is running) Run > Activator.exe “as administrator” & Start the Server.
  • Run LINQPad and click on ‘activate/upgrade’.
  • Set the Proxy settings to manual, “Specify Proxy Server”.

All done, Enjoy! LINQPad Premium 5.31.0 (2018) full version for free

Download LINQPad 5.31.0 Premium Full Version

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