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KeePass Password Safe Portable is a powerful and bug-free tool to protect and manage your online accounts and prevent unauthorized access.

Create a database and encrypt info
• To use the app, you need to create a storage with your username for each account. Content should be protected by account number, sensitive information, or at least information about current users.

Having a good password is safer for two reasons, as the database’s contents can be accessed from your computer account. You can combine all three safety features for maximum protection.

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Organize info with the aid of custom categories
• Workflow templates are flexible and allow you to create files or subfolders to organize articles. You can customize the article by changing the background or logo color, or adding labels.

Enter login details
• Every time you enter the directory, you can easily use your login information such as account description, username, password and URL. You can easily create new fields like bank account number or shipping address to Additional storage

Insert a file into the database
• The application also allows you to enter all information about the products in the catalog. The program can display images, scripts, and HTLM files without the need for external software.

Auto-Type feature and password manager
A key feature of the program is the autofill function, which provides direct access to the website and easy use of the information stored in the archive. This gives you direct access to almost any page without having to enter a username and password.
• All changes in the database are saved which helps to know how the auto type works. The program has a powerful password generator that allows you to generate different passwords that are stored in different files in the database.

A powerful and efficient password manager
Basically, KeePass Password Safe is an essential security tool to protect data due to user interaction and the 256-bit algorithm used to hide the contents of the database.


Features of KeePass Password Safe Free:

  • KeePass supports password sets to help you identify passwords.
  • Enter the password for the next window.
  • Copy the password to a TXT, HTML, XML or CSV file.
  • Windows fast password or username.
  • Find a password store.
  • Strong cursor (You can set the cursor).

Download KeePass Password Safe Portable For PC

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