iFun Screen Recorder Pro:


IFun Screen Rec Pro from our free app. Facecam, find everything on the screen, standard, short-term photography, HD video capture without watermark. At different times: read, read, play as you wish or better

Features of iFun Screen Recorder Pro Full:

Flexible Screen Capture.
To access articles, select a portion of the entire screen in a small area of ​​IFun Your Reporter that supports large analytics. Install all results and delete the entire script.

Facecam Recording
These are not just more screenshots. But just a few nice screenshots, but a lot more. The face recognition feature on the IFun Screen Recorder allows you to capture a face in a video. Use settings from Facecam, such as web lessons, audio recordings, and PowerPoint presentations.

No Lagging While HD Recording
The IFun Screen Recorder is a special device that uses an average of 8% processor resources and simplifies data storage. The wind is almost invisible as it is around you, but always by your side

Take Screenshots While Recording
All changes and buildings were accurate and reliable. Since then, we have given priority to audio and video recordings while continuing to serve the interests of our customers.

Multiple Output/Convert Formats
If you try to meet the needs of different groups, you will receive more than 12 basic products for storage and conversion to other formats. Stories about all digital devices start with the new Mom-MP4 MP4 player.


Record the Screen with Audio
Enjoy the best soundtrack on the soundtrack. Noisee records all noise history on headphones, speakers, and microphone devices. We are experts in voting in the arts.

More Features:

Download Replacing
Use iFun Screen Recorder to fix boot errors. Slow downloads, unstable communication environments and lack of content will no longer be a problem.

Video Saving
Create popular and good images in 4K and 0 bit format. Save your movies in your own space first

Video Editing
Close more There are also tools you can use for ease of use. Take a screenshot and edit it later.

Video Transferring
The specific solutions that support changes in 17 key components are complete and comprehensive. The device is designed to play videos from all countries.

you can also free download:

Download IObit iFun Screen Recorder Full For PC

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