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FastStone Capture is a powerful, simple yet comprehensive screen capture tool that makes it easy to type and save anything on screen, including article windows, full-screen menus, free / active images, and even windows / web or pages. You can send postcards to publishers, text documents, e-mail printers. Email the Word / PowerPoint document or send it to your website.

Editing tools include writing (lettering, arrows, buttons), resizing, cropping, scrubbing, water retrieval, applying to the affected area, and more.You can also save scripts and audio recordings in a movie. high Additional features include general keyboard input, automatic title tags, external editing support, color picker, front view, and ruler. FastStone Capture saves BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF files. You can also download Movavi. Screen Capture Studio.

Features of FastStone Capture Download:

  • Small, easy-to-use clipboard for quick access to recording tools and accessories.
  • World commands for direct screen access
  • Browse window, articles, full screen menu, square / free area, and browse windows / websites.
  • Complete a variety of windows and elements, including multi-story exercises.
  • Display settings for output destinations. (Editor, memory, text, printer …)
  • Draw symbolic objects such as text, lines, special characters, watermarks, squares and circles.
  • Apply effects such as false shadows, frames, broken edges and soft edges.
  • Add an overview
    Resize, cut, rotate, brush, light, color …
  • Repeat / repeat
  • Support for third party publishers
  • Save in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats.
  • Email saved
  • You can send the recorded files to Word and PowerPoint files.
  • Send audio to web server (FTP).
  • Record screen changes to audio files.
  • Choose screen color
  • Window
  • Screen ruler
  • Support various tracking functions
  • Run when Windows starts (optional)
  • Reduce the system load
  • Small amount of memory
  • More …

you can also free download:

Download FastStone Capture Full For PC

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