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Business Card Certification EximiousSoft is a professional business card maker designed to create business cards.

Although it has a large size, it looks clean and clear.

New business cards can be created by drawing or selecting different categories (e.g. nature, business, art, culture) and patterns.

You can also select multiple works of art you can add to your workspace by dragging the mouse to the desired area and clicking on pre-defined objects (e.g., symbols, symbols, animals, books, and gifts, cars) , children, and toys).

With EximiousSoft Business Document Design, you can choose a background, make changes easily (crop, copy, paste), add scripts and images (for example, ICO, TGA, JPG, PCX, BMP, EMF), open or use images. Decorative or plain front and print on labels in selected lines and colors.

Use more than 400 templates, more than 5,000 images, and more than 400 examples to use the map.

  • Supports more than 400 business cards for inkjet paper and laser printers.
    Disables or filters effects (text, image, photo, line, background) that can be used when working with an object.
  • Create one or two cards horizontally or vertically.

EximiousSoft’s Corporate Product Design Features:

More than 200 quality business cards, more than 2000 symbols and many more.

  • The program includes a number of pre-designed business models developed by professional designers, databases, logos and much more. You can create it quickly and easily.
  • Add photos, logos, photos and more to your business card template.

Highly efficient vector drawing tools.

  • Use this tool to create the desired graphics. You can delete actions, delete them, or even add them with one click or drag. Summer is very simple.
  • Graphics or text can be printed or embossed with dynamic colors, gradient styles, or beautiful graphics. Anyone can create a beautiful business card with a business card maker, even without a design.
  • Allows you to add shadows, transitions, brightness, 3D sections and custom settings or subtitles to your design.
  • All defective elements, including text, can be removed using a pre-designed design.

Make your business cards visible and convenient.

  • Works as a great image editing program that supports strong layering. Workbench allows you to control the appearance of different logo elements, apply another important element and create different effects.
  • Drag an image or text to create, move, edit, rotate, drag or text. Create a very simple looking map using the app.
  • The software is very simple for everyone and does not require decoration because of the WYSIWYG interface – just like a card.
  • Repeat and repeat everywhere.
examious soft

Offer a free business card.

  • Allows you to print beautiful business cards using Avery, Sigel, Herma, Formtec, DECAdry and other printers.
  • You can enter 1, 5 or 100 letters if needed. Most people write at least one letter on paper (8 or 10 letters on paper).
  • Support instant card printing to print beautiful graphics.

Import and export multiple photos.

  • Supports export of business maps to JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF files.
  • Allows you to use images in GIF, BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, ICO, CUR, ANI and more.

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