Comfy File Recovery Full version:

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Comfy File Recovery, the program will automatically recover deleted files, lost data, refurbished hard disk models, USB sticks and memory sticks. Section search feature allows you to search for and retrieve data from the rejected checklist.

Features of Comfy File Recovery Full:

Recover all types of data: messages, digital images, music and video recordings. Recover lost files by emptying trash and deleting files using “Delete” + “Share” keys (without trash)

Quick and complete recovery of lost data after complete design or removal of the logical drive. The following documents are accepted:

VFAT, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS3, NTFS4, NTFS5, NTFS6 (including other ADS stream reconfiguration and fast and integrated file recovery from applications).

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At work, the program only checks the mail without saving. The program allows you to create a copy of any distribution or service and extract additional information from that copy. This excludes the possibility of irreversible destruction of the archive.

With this program you can save data recovery of any device connected to your system, burn to CD or DVD, burn to ISO file with data recovery and save data. External messages of the FTP user.

With these applications, you can search content, archive information, as well as information that can be browsed, searched, filtered, and sorted.

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