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MacPaw CleanMyPC for Windows is a simple and comprehensive maintenance and repair program. Clean your PC from unwanted files, systems and programs. Remove files or folders securely, check for problems, and remove installed programs and affected files.

Features of CleanMyPC Full:

During the scan, CleanMyPC searches for files on your hard drive that can be easily deleted. They fall into four categories: memory cards and registers, help files, extra data in the trash, and recycling. Explain the truth to them.

Containers and Magazines:
When you run Windows and programs on your computer, it usually saves “finished” files to your hard drive for speed. These are called “store files”. Sometimes these programs do not delete files, and while some programs allow “caching”, most (even Windows itself) do not need to delete many files. On your hard drive, CleanMyPC can find this file and tell you which file can be safely deleted. Scripts write Windows operations and are often used and executed in a file. Disabling does not affect program performance, but can increase free space on the hard disk.

Reference Number:
Many programs (including Windows itself) have help files that contain information about operations and tasks. Free software resources can be deleted. With CleanMyPC, you can select the files you want to delete by clicking the Help files in the sidebar and just selecting the files you want to remove.

Leave your views:
• Some applications are also sent to interpreters (for example, in Spanish, Russian or German). This only applies to the compiler interface – you can still write in any programming language. As the program only needs one language, you can delete sections to free up space. CleanMyPC scans your computer, finds programs with multilingual definitions, and deletes settings. If necessary, check the translation of the program you want to clean.


Waste and waste:
At this point, CleanMyPC will need many files that you cannot normally use yourself, but delete them. These are: Recovery results (CleanMyPC does not delete security files created by Windows to ensure normal system resistance).

Everywhere on your hard Drive.
“File Format” – Creates programs and files from Windows when an error occurs, the program stops, or when a serious error occurs.
Additional backup
• As well as cleaning and disinfecting, CleanMyPC offers procedures that make your computer more reliable, faster, cleaner and more modern.

Safe Destruction:
• If you remove the files from processing and use, they can be downloaded by a third-party file recovery program. However, sometimes you need to delete files completely – CleanMyPC Security Eraser can help. Deleted files and folders cannot be restored using Secure Delete. This is done by overwriting the zero output several times before permanently removing it from the hard drive.

Complete Abstraction:
• Many programs on your computer have a bad system that will disable the program you want to close. However, some files (e.g., program settings, storage, files, etc.) are usually not deleted, which means that the system cannot be used. Start the program Lues de Computer. CleanMyPC’s cleanup function allows you to uninstall an unsaved program. To do this, follow the on-screen instructions to unlock the factory and CleanMyPC will start dumping.

Conditions of Registration:
The Windows registry is a repository that stores Windows settings for all installed applications. Because the record can be read and written to all programs at the same time.

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