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Stay with the specialist
Get to know Capture 21 Pro – feel the power of the images. Viewing images 21 21 Here you will find the most powerful image editing program. Update your design with more realistic colors and other unique effects.

You can use the editing tools to control the colors and create the colors you want. Change by starting with the original image which is better and you can see true colors.

Quick Editor allows you to edit without an interface and edit multiple images at once. Special tools make it easy to import, manage and manage files.

Hands on the Internet
Get the best witch to make movies. As designed, you can connect a camera for a quick connection to a mobile phone, take it directly from Capture One and control it anywhere

Enjoy All the Features of One 21 Pro:

Adjust the speed
Reverse video conversion speed. With Quick Change, you can work seamlessly without touching the surface of the scroll bar – press and hold the Select key, or use the arrow keys to switch quickly. If you want to change groups quickly, you can get more than one picture at a time.

Remove the fog and soften the image with the groom. The new smart device has changed the contrast, saturation and other characteristics of a flat image.


Profile approved
Believe in life with real colors. These newer cameras retain their original colors better and avoid contrast. For safe business photography and graphics along with the right color images.

Supports HEIC
With support for 8-bit HEIC files, you can now edit your photos in Capture One and more on your Apple device.

Learning pictures is not easy. With the new learning buttons, you can quickly access classes to help you learn regularly. Also have the cap clear of its use quickly and put it on the device.

Better management tools
Regular search and review of files and images is more than ever. The new high-resolution image resolution makes it easy to select and delete images before selecting objects. You can also upload images from different folders at once.

Easy color management
You can quickly find colors with this simple, portable and clean color editor. Jump to any part of the image and drag to adjust color, saturation, and brightness, or adjust the color with a simple slide.

Even a color editor
Full color control with advanced color change. Adjusts color, texture, saturation and brightness perfectly.

Colors come to life
Look at the beginning of the best changes. Capture One offers RAW data optimized for large camera types.

Paint balancing tool
Use the Natural Balance tool to measure colors correctly to enhance the color palette and adjust the brightness of shadows, halftones and notes.

Treat aging skin
It creates a more beautiful look than the beautiful three-tone color, without saturation and lightness. Used as a construction site to maximize management.

White and black
This controls black and white transformations but minimizes noise for maximum efficiency.

Brand characteristics and formats
Play high quality RAW files with Sharpiti. Reduce contact lenses and eyes with a special face lens.

Image processing
Manage your creative images with powerful and accurate design tools.

Jackets and masks
Make changes to part of the image without affecting the rest. Take advantage of the 16 tracks and look good in portable areas.

Learn jobs and information with self-timer, from personal photos to thousands of photos. You also get higher settings for uploading different files faster.

Method and quality
You can quickly get a custom interface and image process.

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