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What is F.R.E.E.G.A.T.E? (Here, DaaniPc gave it a brand new name – Blue Back White Dove, quick for BBWD). How to use? Where are you able to down load it? Now, I will introduce this effective proxy freeware to you all.

F.R.E.E.G.A.T.E is a world wide famous automated net browser agent tool. Since 2002, this freeware has been an increasing number of effective, it could mechanically entire the proxy settings of Microsoft IE browser. Of course, for different net browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, etc., F.R.E.E.G.A.T.E also can paintings them out without problems, so long as your browser is installation to get entry to to the Internet thru F.R.E.E.G.A.T.E, and that’s all.


After that, you may without problems get entry to to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and different remote places famous web sites that are very beneficial for you however blocked via way of means of your usa or ISP (Internet Service Providers).


 Bbwd Access Blocked Key Features:

  1. Permanent free for use
  2. Portable, no installation required
  3. Very simple to use, just one step
  4. Very powerful and intelligent – automatically search, filter and connect proxy servers
  5. Multiple fast and stable proxy servers for choosing
  6. High safety coefficient (based on a highly encrypted way)
  7. Available in multiple languages

Simple Tutoria:

  1. Run F.r.e.e.g.a.t.e and wait until it open an IE window
  2. Close the IE window, change settings as the screenshots above
  3. All done. From now on, if you want to access some blocked sites, just start F.r.e.e.g.a.t.e and wait until it says “Connetcted to X Servers”

Now  you can use any web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari…) you like to surf the Internet with freedom, without any limitation.


  1. Before exit F.r.e.e.g.a.t.e, you’d better “Turn OFF” it first, you might meet a wrong proxy error
  2. You can “Turn OFF” F.r.e.e.g.a.t.e from the system tray icon by right click at any time, just in order to access normal website as usual
  3. Run as administrator if needed
You can also free download:

Download Bbwd Access Blocked Full For PC

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