Avanquest PowerDesk Professional:


Avanquest PowerDesk Professional is an easy, fast and smart way to organize and manage your digital photo, MP3, and photo files on your computer.PowerDesk® Pro includes advanced features and functions such as standard Windows file management or other included file management software. Access tools to search, edit, search, delete, copy, move, select, count, reply, add, view, edit and many more!

The Ultimate File Manager for Windows!

  • Advanced file search
  • Additional information
  • not! Remove temporary files and undocumented files.
  • not! Browser and action game
  • not! Delete duplicate files
  • not! Big data is known
  • not! Compatible with Windows 10

Features of Avanquest PowerDesk Professional:

6 Powerful File Utilities for the price you’d normally pay for 1!
With the latest reviews, ratings and ratings from PC Magazine, Windows Magazine and PC World, you can count on PowerDesk® Pro 9 Professionalism. New and easily replaces Windows® Explorer with a powerful file manager twj. You can personalize your computer with just a few clicks and see for yourself why PowerDesk can also manage your computer’s data. You can!

Access PowerDesk FTP with an easy to use drag and drop interface and your usual FTP site! After you’ve created your favorite FTP page, hit button 1 to create a link. PowerDesk now supports secure FTP!

Sync Manager
Compare and sync the contents of the two files. This is especially useful for exchanging data between two computers and for backups and a lot more!

Size Manager™
A powerful plan that sees your location and uses all the devices in the station. With a general manager, you can easily and efficiently manage your storage.

Dialog Helper
Restore open files and preserve open cells by adding names to previously opened files and folders. It also has a file manager window that supports more than 150 formats. Call service can easily make important changes to calls.

Archive Manager
You can easily save files in over 30 popular compression formats. Browse files to delete full filenames, selected content, or files in an easy-to-remember way.

File Finder
Find lost files quickly with the powerful search function. Look for words, file types, formats or dates and look for “results” in phrases, links, kuckt and zip files, archives, emails, letters and attachments!


Great File Management you won’t want to live without!

Dual pane operation
Carefully move and drag files between the folder and the driver.

Layout Manager
One-click saved characters will complete the task, or add character sets to your desktop so PowerDesk can be published anywhere!

Add File Notes
Right click add text to place the file – it appears in the body of the window or with the mouse pointer, you can remember the text without opening it!

Colour Customise Your File Folders
You can easily customize your folders and decorate them with eight different colors.

File Info Column
Enter information about each file. The MP3 Files window displays the title and time of the song. Images are available in size and resolution. The data file contains the name of the form and so on.

MP3 Collection Management
Create and manage portable MP3 playlists using the multimedia application. The random view function complements the game continuously. It’s also a great tool for browsing MP3 files, searching for files, and instantly renaming and editing.

File Viewer
Open the file well first! After setting up a file preview, users can view the file content in the preview window or as a thumbnail. View files on your digital camera, in your Pictures folder, or in your MP3 player – where you can search by artist signature, album name or note!

Energize Your Desktop!

  • Browse the file types and convert images instead of traditional software.
  • Powerful encryption to protect open data.

you can also free download:

Download Avanquest PowerDesk Full For PC

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