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ActivePresenter Professional is a solution for creating videos, spreadsheets, presentations, documents, and on-screen communication applications. With full text editing ActivePresenter It allows you to easily and efficiently edit audio / video, customize content and listening quality, and translate events. Content offered by Active Presenter is supported by the latest HTML5 standards, it is integrated with Learning Management and can be delivered to any device and platform.

Features of ActivePresenter Pro Full:

Quick & Easy
The core technology’s smart pinout makes it easy to turn off the screen and click the pin without any additional setup.

An enthusiastic presenter processes most of the information used during the presentation, which makes the writing process more creative.

Cost effective
Create beautiful screens, develop software and provide SCORM instructions with minimal time and effort.

Who should use ActivePresenter?

Educators & Students
ActivePresenter It can help you study the tutorials and use of the software. Students can record video and audio of the problem solving process in the meeting plan.


Corporate Training Personnels
• With the benefit of SCORM ActivePresenter publishing. Therefore it is ideal for recording interactive e-mails training. Training activities that can be run in company trainings easily. Support staff can easily monitor and assess student progress.

Create video presentations and documents for popular video / slide presentations such as YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo …

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